Friday, January 29, 2010

The Proposed “Democratic Republic of the Philippines” Part I

I am a FILIPINO and I love my country.

I couldn't be happier and contented seeing my beloved country get up from the morass of poverty and corruption and be a great nation again.

I wish I had the strength of Samson so I can fight corruption in the government myself. I wish I had the temerity of Gandhi and the unwavering faith of Mother Theresa so can I can change the Philippines the way our forefathers wanted it to be.

But having no voice for the authorities to heed what I've been shouting for doesn't stop me from dreaming a better future for the Philippines. Because I believe that one who doesn't have a vision is like a bird flying in the firmament who flies for the sake of flying, who flies because he has wings, he doesn't care where his wings take him even if it takes him to danger or death. For a man without a vision is a man living a life without meaning and purpose, hence, an unhappy man.

I have a vision. A great country where its cultural, social and national identity are preserved while maintaining a good governance of the people, for the people and by the people where poverty and graft and corruption are the things of the past and the people enjoys their freedom in a just and humane society.

To achieve this vision, I have formulated a new structure of government that will fast track the Philippines to progress and development. As what President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said in her 2005 State of the Nation Address (SONA),
“It is time to turn to the people, bring them into government – and change the way that government is done."

I called my proposed government of the Philippines as the “Democratic Republic of the Philippines”. I will explain to you in my next posts how this new form or structure of government works. So for now, here's an overview.

“The Philippines in Brief”

Country name:
Conventional long form: Democratic Republic of the Philippines

Conventional Short Form: Philippines

Local long form: Demokratikong Republika ng Pilipinas

Local short form: Pilipinas

Government type: parliamentary constitutional republic (parliamentary republic)

Capital: Manila

Administrative Division:
 17 regions (Ilocos Region, Cagayan Valley Region, Central Luzon Region, CALABARZON Region, MIMAROPA Region, Bicol Region, Western Visayas Region, Central Visayas Region, Eastern Visayas Region, Zamboanga Peninsula Region, Northern Mindanao Region, Davao Region, SOCCSKSARGEN Region, Caraga Region, Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao,Cordillera Administrative Region, and National Capital Region)

the regions are divided into 81 departments (provinces)
 the departments are divided into districts (cities/municipalities)
 the districts are divided into communes (barangays)

Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal

Executive Branch:

Head of state: President

Head of government: Prime Minister

Cabinet: Council of State appointed by the president, responsible to Parliament

Elections: president elected by popular vote for a six-year term; prime minister and deputy prime minister appointed from the majority party by the president after parliamentary elections

Legislative Branch: unicameral Parliament (219 seats; members are elected by popular vote on a proportional basis to serve four-year terms)

Judicial Branch: Supreme Court (judges appointed by the president)


Pokagon Member said...

bohzo (hello)

This is intresting because I have been reading a blog by a gorgous filipino martial arts expert who writes about these things you speak about.

To bad it really is such a beautiful looking country by the pictures that I have seen.

Have a great day!

Jonathan said...

Lovely. I liked it. Plz do visit me and leave your comment on GooTAR Blog

Rondubic said...

Pokagon Member @: It really is a beautiful country. If it is not because of those sinister, corrupt and greedy politicians in the government, the Philippines could have, would have and should have been one of the most progressive (richest) countries in Asia or even in the world. But I'm not losing hope. There's still time.

Jonathan @: Thanks!!! I will.

Thank you very much guys for taking time to read my blog. I appreciate it.