Saturday, February 20, 2010

Election Joke: Noynoy

In one of the conversations I had with my friends in law school regarding the 2010 Philippine Election, one friend nonchalantly cast a joke on Presidential Slogan:
"Kung ang slogan ni Villar ay Sipag at Tiyaga, at ang kay Gibo ay Galing at Talino, ang slogan naman daw ni Noynoy ay… Mommy, Daddy at Kris."
Yeah..., it's kinda funny. But I guess it's TRUE! I have nothing against Noynoy but there is something about him, which until now I haven't figure out yet, that will prevent me from voting him come election day.

I find him (Noynoy) SO WEAK to be a president and
POWERLESS to be a leader. In short, he lacks POLITICAL WILL, which I think is the most important characteristic of an effective and efficient leader.

Power without political will is like a shepherd leading a flock of sheep who doesn't know and doesn't have a will to direct where his flock will go but is dependent on what his master will tell him. Political Will per se has no fix definition; it's ambiguous. But its ambiguity leads me to personally define it.

For me, political will is the ascendancy and competency of a person to form and unify the will of the people towards his ultimate goal of attaining the good of all. One must have a VISION and the WILL to carry out the former.

In the case of NOYNOY he has a famous sister, KRIS and his PARENT's legacy to boot. Hence, I perfectly agree with Gordon when he said: "The Presidency is not inherited. It is earned!".

Though it is not his fault to be the son of the two icons of democracy nor chose to be the brother of a famous celebrity, he should have worked hard to make a name for himself and try, though inevitable, to not be associated with Ninoy and Cory, because presidency is more than just saying "this" and "that". "This" which I think he means in his t.v. ad , is the problems of the Philippines and "That" is "Hindi ako magnanakaw!" He should have laid down concrete plans or platforms. Besides, he hasn't even passed a single bill yet in the Senate being an incumbent Senator. This is very alarming!!!

And by the way, on the lighter side of the story, FORGIVE me but I need, I have to say this, I cannot explain how to describe Noynoy 's look or appearance, which annoys, irritates me whenever I see him on t.v. I don't know. Hahahaha...

For weeks, I kept thinking about the word which would best describe him. But one lucky and faithful day, it just dawned on me, the word "LOSYANG". Isn't it the perfect description of him?