Friday, March 26, 2010

2009 Philippine BAR EXAM Result

The very moment that I am writing this post, I am 100% sure that 1,451 new lawyers are celebrating their victory for the much coveted Philippine Bar Exam. 24.58% made it, or 1,451 out of 5,903 who took it last September 2009. However, 4,452 souls right now are in limbo, maybe in a state of shock, crying, or maybe still absorbing the neglectful moment of their loss.

I was there on Taft Avenue last 04 October 2009 waiting for the barristers from different schools to go out the gate of La Salle. I was one of those who flooded Taft Avenue for the “Bar Salubong”as we joyfully welcome our barristers from San Beda who just hurdled the one-month most tedious, and toughest examination in the country. People were shouting, screaming, singing, dancing ala mardi gras, drum-rolling as welcome the would-be lawyers. It was an awesome experience.

And now, five months later, the results are in. Philippine’s Top Law Schools or the Big Three - San Beda, Ateneo and UP are anxious to know which of their bets made it to the mythical Top Ten. Fortunately, San Beda got it, not only once but twice, as Reinier Paul R. Yebra claimed the top spot with an average of 84.80%, followed by a fellow Bedan, Charlene Mae C. Tapic with an 84.60% grade. What a great feat for the San Beda Law, indeed!!!

Worth mentioning is an impressive showing of Ateneo de Manila University and the University of the Philippines in the top ten. Ateneo has a whopping seven barristers who made it to the Top Ten while UP has two. Here is the complete list of those who made it to the Top Ten.

1st Place
Reinier Paul R. Yebra
San Beda College


2nd Place
Charlene Mae C. Tapic
San Beda College


3rd Place
Lim, John Paul T.
Ateneo de Manila University


4th Place
Lagos, Caroline P.
University of the Philippines


5th Place
Tan, Eric David C.
Ateneo de Manila University


6th Place
Gonzalez, Yves-Randolph P.
Ateneo de Manila University


7th Place
To, Joan Mae S.
Ateneo de Manila University


8th Place
Bagro III, Herminio C.
University of the Philippines


9th Place
Lumauig, Timothy Joseph N.
Ateneo de Manila University


10th Place

Bainto, Naealla Rose M.
Go, Sheila Abigail O.
Ateneo de Manila University

Ateneo de Manila University


Congratulations to the Top Ten and to all who passed the Bar.